Budget Spring 2014

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“The UK Budget today had good news for larger business, savers and pensioners. It was a deft Budget that did a lot where there was very little room for manoeuvre” – ICEAW (Institute of Chartered Accountants)

My thanks to  Penny Barr FCA for sending over her thoughts and a range of links. At this early stage I think the most useful thing we can do is provide links to focussed reviews.

It usually takes several weeks for the implications to be fully digested debated and decided upon, so remember to book for our Spring Budget Event on 16th April where Tony Morris of Marquis Lifestyle Planning will be advising us on what the Budget means, what we can do about it and when

So if you have 30 mins and like videos there is a useful overview here ICEAW Video (Scroll Down)

If you are thinking about Savings and Pensions have a look at  Peter Hargreaves of Hargreaves Lansdown’s view, he says

” This is subject to confirmation but after 4 decades in the savings industry, I have never seen anything so important for the stimulus in savings.”

Once you have satisfied your “No FT No Comment” needs, I look forward to seeing you on the 16th April to find out what it all really means to everyone.

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