Anthony Downs – Appointed Estate Director – Hatfield House

Dear Members,

Please see the press release below. Anthony Downs has been appointed as Estate Director at Hatfield House.

Why might this be of interest? Because Hatfield House do a great deal to support the Chamber and Local Businesses.

Furthermore they are a real force for good in local planning issues, and we need all the help we can get.

For more information about how they might help you, or for more information please contact Dawn West. Marketing Director on 01707 287058  or perhaps email in the first instance on




  1. Kay Lockstone
    | Reply

    Dear Mr Downs.

    Thank you for attending the OHRA meeting tonight and giving us an update on the building work in Salisbury Square. I personally think it is going to look great. My only concern is parking. Plus commercial units. We need ample parking for customers and residentsù, plus businesses must be prepared to advertise, as not enough through fare for shops to survive without people knowing they are there. I am very excited to see the end result of the new Salisbury Square and want to see new businesses survive and regenerate the area. Old Hatfield is a special place and it needs to be recognised as such.

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