Additional Restrictions Grants

Dear Members,

It looks as if the council are sitting on some £2.8 million worth of Grants. If you have a rateable value, even nil on your premises you are probably entitled to some of this money. Don’t be shy. It’s your hard earned tax payments to date and your children who will be paying for it. Frankly we badly need some cash in the community to spend in our local shops.



See PDF and Press release below


Re Additional Restrictions Grants as at 19/5/2021

“ It looks as if yet again, Welwyn and Hatfield Council are not making grants available to local businesses. They have received over £3.5 million and so far, as at 19th May 2021 (Subject to update) have only allocated some £700k leaving £2.8 million unclaimed. Other councils are phoning through their rating lists making businesses aware of these grants. Nearly a 1/4 of the councils across the country have paid out 75% of the grant, with nearly half of the councils paying out over 50%. Welwyn Hatfield Council has, compared to these numbers only paid out 20%.

Those moneys that are not allocated are returned to Government and will neither support our local economy nor be spent in our local shops supporting our local communities. As John Dean once said to me “It is not the job of the council to support business.” It seems they still don’t understand that businesses and the community are integral to each other. Further that we pay the council to organise this.”

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Additional Restrictions Grants per Council 2021-05-19 (003)

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