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A Very Warm welcome to David McLean,

David understands that when the excrement hits the extractor, it is all about the initiative and committment of the front line staff. Interestingly this is exactly what Garry Hamel is talking about in his book Humanocracy. Empowering your front line staff is what I believe all organisations need to do, that they might embrace change an innovate accordingly.

As you have no doubt heard me say on many occasions:-

“Successful organisations of the future will align the values of their Brand,

with those of their staff and their customers.

Those who don’t are already dead. They just don’t know it yet”.

Gary Hamel 1954 –

David inherrently understands this. We will be working on some videos that help people to help themselves by putting this into practice.

David is also involved with Bootnecks In2 Business , successfully placing Royal Marines into the workplace.


Who – I am a former Royal Marines Commando with 14 years previous service. Operational 4 times supporting the UK Special Forces and working within Counter Terrorism and Reconnaissance. For the last 10 years, I have been a practicing psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and health & well-being entrepreneur. I am a senior lecturer in psychotherapy and former CEO of a large, nationwide therapeutic organisation.


Why – Through my work within psychology, neuroscience, the solution focused process and my personal study of metaphysics, eastern philosophy and ancient wisdom, I have come to the conclusion that we could be doing better in terms of supporting our workforces mental and emotional health. I also don’t believe that the challenge that post pandemic working has brought us is fully understood yet by the majority of businesses. The traditional top down approach to running companies isn’t working either anymore. So although good leadership and governance is more important than ever, what we need is a more bottom up, facilitative and foundational approach that truly understands the needs of the person. Providing a space to grow and foster a feeling of personal agency and autonomy makes us happier which leads to a more motivated, empowered and productive individual. The great thing is that what I prescribe isn’t just healthier for the individual at work, it’s better for the business too.



What – There are 3 parts to my business. Individually – I work with professional athletes, olympians and business leaders in a variety of ways including stress and anxiety reduction or increasing performance. One of my latest clients has just won silver at the Commonwealth games. As a consultant – I write online well-being programmes and advise in mental health policy for other companies. Currently, I am co-writing a piece of work that is bringing 20 separate companies under the one umbrella in terms of their health and well-being strategy. As an entrepreneur – I am in the early stages of building a team and developing my own well-being app called Liminal and even though it is in its infancy, there has already been interest from banks and multinationals.


How – Depending on my clients needs, I blend experiential learning, face to face, online programmes and tech making sure the individual or business is educated in the correct way, grows in awareness and are equipped to solve their own problems now and in the future.


I look forward to being an active member of the Chamber and please do contact me on the details below if you have any questions.




Tel: 07812 048587


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