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Find out Why you should write a book,
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This series of short videos about Writing a book has been produced by

Carl French of The Endless Bookcase for

The Chamber Growth Club.  It covers the following areas:- 

1. Why you should write a book

2. Planning and Preparation

3. Start Writing
4. Editing and Reviewing

5. Technical Production (We do this)

6. Distribution and Selling (Amazon etc)

7. Promoting your Book (Social and beyond)

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Why You'll Love This Course:


Carl French's video course on Writing a book, takes you through the process, step by step, building confidence as you go.

I have published a book through The Endless Bookcase. It has raised my profile, got me on BBC radio, and helped me think through what I want to say to whom. The book has provided excellent content for my Blog, and helped many businesses.

Writing a book really helped me to think through the common themes that run through the ideas and experiences in the book. These themes have helped me develop much better marketing campaigns for my business

Nick Brown 


Green Triangle


​​I have learned how to think about writing a book. It is a lot like a marketing plan, you need to decide what you are going to say to whom and when. 

“​It is all about taking the reader on a journey, thought your life, experience or imagination. The trick is to make something that is yours feel as if it belongs to them. Once you have set out the structure of the book, the Chapters and identified your themes or characters, you then just have to fill in the gaps.

​Gail Hugman


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