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This video course on IT has been produced by 

Kelvin McManus and Joe Evans of CKS Media

for The Chamber Growth Club. It covers the following areas:- 

1. Choosing a Website Platform

2. Driving Website Traffic


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Why You’ll Love This Course:


​Joe’s video course on ​choosing a website platform, explains in layman’s terms, ​the pro’s and cons of the various options from wordpress to fully bespoke websites

 ​We now understand the full capability of Word Press, its limitations and the costs of taking the next step. They say you don’t know what you don’t know. This is one area where I now know a bit more.

Thank you CKS

​Peter Jones

Owner ​- Business Training & Consultancy



This Video Course on ​Driving website traffic, gives an “Under the Hood” insight into the black art of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation …

​Kelvin and his team have really helped me to understand SEO, why I need it and how to go about getting some great results.

My website is now better thought through, and I am learning which words need to be where to increase the chances of customers finding me on the internet.

​Nick Brown

​Green Triangle

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