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​This video course on ​”Selling your Business” has been produced by

 Andrew Watkin  of Assynt Corporate Finance

for The Chamber Growth Club. It covers the following areas:- 

1. ​Why Assynt Corporate Finance?

2. ​When is the right time to sell a business?

​3. ​Some lessons learned ​4. How ​much do I need to retire?

​5. How ​much is my business worth?

​6. ​The different Exit options

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FREE Video Course on Selling your business


Why You’ll Love This Course:


​​Andrew Watkins’s video course on ​”Selling your business” is full of real world experience, useful advice and check lists.

“​The ​”Selling your business” video course from Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber Growth Club, helped to explain a number of things for me to watch out for in future. It has given me a checklist of things I need ​consider whilst planning the sale of my  business

Thank you ​Andrew.

Marc Stevens

Web Design Media


​The Chamber Video’s Gave ​some real insights into the things I need to do to maximise the value in my business

“​I now feel that I ​have a good feel for the type of organisation that will buy my business and why. I have also learned how to empower my staff so they can run my business without me when the time comes.

Dana Ross

Software Solutions

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