Question 1 Start where you are

Please drag and drop the following options into the order that most represent your current circumstances.

  1. It’s all OK. We have run the numbers and cash flow and profits will continue to grow
  2. It will be alright on the night. We are burning government cash, but expect a return to normal
  3. I simply don’t know. There is uncertainty.  We have a combination of Pride, Fear, Reputation, Inaction, Paralisis, based around not knowing what to do – HELP
  4. There is a problem. My Turnover and/or  Margins are under pressure. I know I need to act, but am not sure where to start. We need some friendly guidance.
  5. We are ready to act now. We understand that our customers are going through change.  We need to be by their side, wherever we can. We also need to bring our staff and suppliers with us.

Our objective is to help your business thrive in C19 land. This questionnaire service is free of charge.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. There is a research element to this, please supply your email, postcode and lifestage  to see where other businesses are in their thought processes.

If you have any objectives that you would like to achieve, please specify them in the “Other Comments” section.

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