Question 3 Do what you can

Thinking about your business what are the most important actions you can take over the next few weeks

  1. Cost cutting – We have a stable client base, we need to cut to survive. C19 has shown us, for example, that we don’t need all our staff or all our premises.
  2. New products and services – We have seen a reduction on sales and margins. Some customers have found ways to do without us. We need to reinvent ourselves
  3. Skills – We need new blood with a good understanding of emerging trends and markets
  4. Research – We need to understand what is happening in our clients industry sectors and with their end user clients. So we can add value to our clients and remain relevant to their changing needs
  5. Taking Action – We need to engage with clients, and staff to reassure them that we can remain both fluid and relevent to changing needs. Thereby thriving in an ever faster changing world.

Please drag and drop the following options into the order that most represent your current circumstances.

Our objective is to help your business thrive in C19 land. This questionnaire service is free of charge.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. There is a research element to this, in that you get to see where other businesses are in their thought processes.

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Survey: C19 - Do what you can

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  • ^ 1 Cost CuttingV
  • ^ 2 New Products and ServicesV
  • ^ 3 Finding new skillsV
  • ^ 4 Industry sector ResearchV
  • ^ 5 Taking ActionV

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