1.0 Your Current Barriers to Growth

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Identify your current barriers to growth, “A problem shared is a problem halved”.

Join our business community, and help us help businesses to grow.

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This video explores the main areas where you might be experiencing barriers to growth in your business.

It is the starting point because it will guide you to the next group of short videos aimed at helping you to help yourself by thinking through possible solutions.

Watch the video, and have a think about the things you go to sleep worrying about and wake up with new initiatives, these will be your current barriers to growth. Having made a list, and thought through the issues, if you would like to join the Chamber Growth Club, CLICK HERE, you can discuss your opportunities and how you are getting there, with other businesspeople, working on similar opportunities.

If you are not ready to join the Chamber Growth Club, you can join as Chamber Member, CLICK HERE, and watch these videos for free.

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2 reviews for 1.0 Your Current Barriers to Growth

  1. Carl French

    A very useful way to identify barriers.

  2. Clare Stead

    This is the beginning of a great overview. It is worth taking your time to go through this course. I did the whole thing at once and then went back and re-did the most relevant bits to me. I recommend doing it.

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