World Hatfield Week Sponsorship Package Option 3


World Hatfield Week, Corporate Sponsorship Pack – Option 1



In July this year, we will be celebrating World Hatfield Week, culminating in the 70th Anniversary of the First Flight of the Comet, the World’s First Commercial Airliner. The De Havilland Racer will be running some flypasts and there are events throughout the week. The events celebrate Youth and the dynamic and innovative History of Hatfield. Please see our Events pages for details.

We would like to invite your organisation to be part of this celebration, and share in the future success of Hatfield.  Funds raised will be split between our Chosen Charity the Army Benevolent Fund, The Soldiers Charity, and a fund to be administered by Hatfield Town Council and Welwyn and Hatfield Chamber of Commerce to promote Youth and Innovation within Hatfield.

There are three Sponsorship Packages all set at sensible levels seeking to involve as many businesses as possible.

Option 1 £100

Your Name and that of your business to be

  1. Included in the Supporters of World Hatfield Week 2019 roll of Honour, to be displayed at the Council Offices for 12 months.
  2. To be printed in Welwyn Hatfield Times
  3. To be placed upon the Council Website
  4. To be placed upon the Chamber Website
  5. To receive a Printed Certificate of your support

Option 2 £500

All of the benefits from Option One PLUS

  1. A Banner with your Company Name on with the words “Supporter of World Hatfield Week 2019” and the DH 70th Logo
  2. Banner Displayed at various events during the week
  3. Participation in the Film being made about the event
  4. A Copy of the Film DVD
  5. Pictures of You and your team supporting the event, taken with Chamber and Council personnel
  6. Pre Registration at all events

Option 3 £1000

This Sponsorship option is limited to 5  places, on a first come first served basis.

It includes all the benefits of Option 2, PLUS

  1. Your Banner will state “Proud to be A Main Sponsor of World Hatfield Week 2019”
  2. Prominent display opportunities TBC
  3. A Specific Slot in the Film, to say Why you love Hatfield, its people and your business.
  4. We will be happy to discuss specific PR opportunities with you, that might involve, your photo being taken with speakers, or bands, or a mention on BBC Three Counties Radio. As a main sponsor we will work with you to maximise your PR exposure in a manner that suits your brand.



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