Raising Finance


Raising Finance


Ch7 – Raising Finance

This Chapter looks at Raising Finance and explores the following questions:-

  1. What do you want the money for?
  2. How much will you need?
  3. How long will you need it for?
  4. What is the potential upside?
  5. If it does not work out how will you repay the interest and capital borrowed?
  6. What security are you being asked for?
  7. If you looking for Debt Finance – that is loan or overdraft. What is the APR?
  8. What is APR?
  9. What about Asset Finance – that is a loan secured against a car or debtors or a piece of machinery?
  10. What about an Equity Partner, active or passive?
  11. When should you use a Venture Capitalist?
  12. Which grants are available and how do you source them?
  13. What are your chances of obtaining a grant?
  14. About Crowdsourcing?

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