4.07 Promoting your book

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The key message here is that you cannot start this process too early. One of the great advantages of being a published Author is that it sets you apart from the crowd. It makes you an Authority on your chosen subject. So announce yourself as an Author, and you will be asked to speak at events, and appear on Radio, even local TV. Prior to the publication of your book think about the raising expectation for the launch. Visit local independent book shops, create local interest. Have a chat with the local paper. Think about the launch, get the press along. Think hard about WHY you wrote the book in the first place.

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2 reviews for 4.07 Promoting your book

  1. Debbie Glinnan

    This video has given me a useful reminder of how to promote my book.

  2. nick brown

    When I wrote my first book, I left promotion to the very end. Now I am writing my second book I have promotion in mind all the way through. Because I am thinking about what I am saying to whom, and how best in terms of media and content to get those messages across.

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