4.04 Editing Reviewing and Proof reading

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This is the part where you start to refine your book. Fewer words are good. Think about the messages, What are you saying.

JK Galbraith ammusinglysaid that “I was on my 12th rewrite, before introduced any sponteneity

This is a time consuming process. You will know when you have finished, because you will wake up one day, knowing that enough is enough.

In this video we help you through this process.


2 reviews for 4.04 Editing Reviewing and Proof reading

  1. Debbie Glinnan

    This video helpfully explains the process of editing, reviewing and proof reading your book.

  2. nick brown

    Having thought through, what I wanted to say to whom, and decided upon the structure (Chapters) and themes that run through the book, I just started writing. The proofreading bit is where you start taking stuff out and moulding the book, into something that gets your message across, effectively, consistently and in a way that it is easy for the reader to follow. A Path for them to follow.

    It also involves punctuation and paragraphs. Luckily the Endless bookcase has proofreaders. I sent Morgana a page of full stops to put in my copy.

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