4.01 Why you should write a book

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This video explores the reasons why you should write a book. It looks at the advantages and considers the opportunity costs, time etc

We also take you through the how we hold your hand throughout the process.

This is your starting point to becoming a published Author.



3 reviews for 4.01 Why you should write a book

  1. Debbie Glinnan

    Having published a book via Endless Bookcase with Carl, I can testify as to how they turn a vague and seemingly daunting idea of publishing a book into an achievable and enjoyable reality.

  2. nick brown

    Knowing why you might want to write a book, and indeed that it IS POSSIBLE for you to do so, is a good place to start.
    Often from your life experiences, be you young or old, you may well have something to say. Either a story to tell, or a way of helping other people.
    The reasons for writing a book are as diverse as the things we communicate every day. From Children’s drawing and poems in the local primary school to how to build a model aircraft; writing a book helps you to think through what you want to say to whom. It shows that you care enough about the subject and the people around you to write it down.

    From then on, you start to build your reputation as something of an authority in your chosen area, with credibility, because you cared enough to write it down.

  3. Alan Clark

    Carl has a huge knowledge of the book business and is on a mission to help people tell their stories. His series of helpful and insightful videos on how to get your book started and finished is a must for all budding authors around the world.

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