2.0 What is Marketing?

If your current barrier to growth is marketing related, you should watch this video first.

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Having decided that your current barrier to the growth of your business is marketing related, you will probably want to know a bit about how marketing works before you start signing cheques.

This video is designed to provide you with a framework that sets out the core elements in marketing.

Having watched the video you will have insights into

  1. Where marketing can help your current growth stage
  2. The communications framework
  3. Customer loyalty stages
  4. The Emotional and Rational elements of a brand and why they are fundamental to success
  5. Revenue, Brand and thought leadership
  6. Why you exist, What you do and How that affects your reputation
  7. The importance of managing Customer Expectation and Customer Experience


That’s not bad for 10 minutes!!

Seriously, this will provide you with a framework and show you where a range of concepts fit.

We explore each concept in more detail in subsequent videos.

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