1.7 Finding new customers

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2 reviews for 1.7 Finding new customers

  1. valma james

    Very informative video using the ” bell curve” concept to understand the theory in finding customers. I have learned about the process of people’s thinking and why people will buy from me. Now I must learn how to apply the new knowledge. Thanks, Nick!

  2. Richard Peeters

    This video is very illuminating: shows three aspects of the curve, as your clients move from left to right:
    – firstly the natural progression over time of typical products or services, as they are first introduced, reach maturity and start to fade away;
    – secondly it gives an insight into the size and characteristics of the client group at each stage of the product life cycle, especially where t best profit and growth potential are, and where the greatest risks are of failing products or services;
    – thirdly there is the insight that you need to have a series of overlapping product curves in play, so that you always have something for each of those key client groups.
    This explains why you need to keep innovating and looking for new clients (or get retained clients to take up your new products).

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