1.6 Your brand differentiators

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3 reviews for 1.6 Your brand differentiators


    As you can see elsewhere in these videos, I am involved in helping business owners sell their business. This video, presented by Nick, gives a very clear understanding of how you can differentiate your brand and so make your business more sellable and at a higher value. It is so important to align your values to your brand and that is contained within people, processes and products or services. There is a danger of damaging your “Force for Good” and so this is a “must see” video for anyone looking to grow their business whether by volume, unit prices or a combination of both.

  2. Richard

    This is a good insight into moving your customers of your product/service from consumers (lower profits) to loyal champions (£££). Tell me more! 🙂

  3. valma james

    A video that is presented in language that is easy to understand and follow. Also, inspirational and empowering – better than sitting in a classroom because I can watch it over and over again and learn something new!

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